Q&A with Model- Cydney Moreau

One of our favorite models and friend, Cydney Moreau, gave us an inside look of her life. From how she began her modeling career to the lifestyle she now lives as she travels for shoots. We had questions, and she had answers! 

So how did you get into the modeling industry?

  • A friend of mine took some photos of me my senior year in college. From there my sister actually encouraged me to submit them to an agency, so I did! The agency was interested and signed me. My modeling didn’t start until I moved to Miami after college.  

What’s a normal day like for you as a model?

  • A normal day is usually arriving early in the morning to the location of the shoot where I'm then prepped by the hair and makeup artists. The shoot starts once I'm ready, and my shoots are usually fitness shoots so I run around literally all day. 😅 

Besides your actual shoots being a workout for you...what’s your favorite workout?

  • My favorite workout would be a workout that really pushes me. I joined a gym in Miami that reminds me a lot of my track workouts. We typically start with sprints or some sort of running, and then we move to lifting weights. Sprinting has always been important to me and still is since they usually want me to do explosive movements during shoots.

 How often do you workout outside of your shoots?

  • I try my best to workout 5 days a week. It’s easy to keep up with that when I'm in Miami, but it’s harder for me to maintain while traveling. I was working in Portland for a month, and while I was there I ran one mile everyday. I just tried to cut time off my run each day. 

 What’s your go to healthy meals/snacks on the road or in between shoots?

  • In between shoots the client usually provides snacks for the models. I like to snack on fruit, trail mix , nuts , popcorn, really anything in my sight.  

 So honestly, what do you think about the set we sent to you?!

  • I love the outfit! The color is amazing and so is the quality. I’ve gotten so many compliments! One photographer thought the outfit was Lululemon.

Our quality shocks people because our prices are so affordable. Were you impressed with the quality?

  • Honestly I was so surprised with how great the quality was just because of the prices!

Lastly, what’s your advice to someone who is trying to become a model?

  • Make sure you have quality pictures before you submit yourself to an agency! If you get rejected-don’t give up...Every agency is different and looks for different types of people.


*Photographer: Zach Ancell*